How is transportation done?

Transport is carried out in trucks owned by Fama Transportes, Lda, all certified by European approval and under the European License / Permit nº 658772.

All trucks are equipped with their own structure and adapted for the transport of vehicles.

It's a collective transport with a capacity for 8-10 vehicles depending on the dimensions of each vehicle.


How can I find out the shipping price?

The value of transportation depends on:

-          Place of collection (country and postal code);

-          Place of destination (country and postal code);

-          Make and model of the vehicle.

You can obtain the value for your transportation through our quote page or by sending an email to


Is your transport insured?


All vehicles transported are insured by our CMR Cargo Insurance valid from the place of loading to the time and place of unloading on your facilities.


In which countries do you make transports?

We have regular and daily routes in the following countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany (any city).

However, our area of ​​activity extends throughout Europe according to financial interest and cargo grouping. In this way we are also present in: Italy, Austria, Poland and Denmark.


What's the shipping time?

Analysing our statistics for the last 20 years, from the moment of ordering cargo to unloading at your facilities, the average period it's between 10-15 days depending on the European loading location.


How can I request my transport order?

The load request can be made by filling and sending the load form found at the bottom of our website, under the "Budget Request".


After transport to Portugal and before unloading at my facilities, do you do the Inspection service?


We have partnerships with the IMT certified Inspection Centers.

This service has an additional cost.


What documentation it's required to accept a transport service?

At the time of loading, the following documents must be handed over to the Fama Transportes driver:

Mandatory requirement: original vehicle document

Optional: other documents agreed between the buyer and seller.


How and when do I pay for cargo order?

Together with the cargo order for collection of the vehicle, you must send the proof of payment to the e-mail

Bank Details:

  • IBAN: PT50 0018 227000050479020 12


Do you transport damaged or non working cars?



Do you transport motorcycles or quads?



Do you transport motorhomes?



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